Goose Hunting

with North flight Waterfowl


Experience the goose hunt of a lifetime

At North Flight Waterfowl we provide the best guided goose hunts possible. We hunt over taxidermy (stuffed) geese or custom DSDs, so life-like on previous occasions clients have mistakenly shot the decoys. We are staffed with three of the best goose callers in the state. We hunt the world famous Columbia Basin, which attracts hundreds of thousands of waterfowl every year. It’s not uncommon to see thousands of geese when you hunt with us. This fall make sure that you don't miss out on another goose hunting season.




At North Flight Waterfowl you will hunt with the finest decoys. Our goal is to maximize your opportunity to shoot your limit and every guide is equipped with a trailer filled with taxidermy-quality goose decoys or quality, custom Dave Smith Decoys. In the event of rain, we switch to high-quality plastic decoys. We’ve invested over $30,000 in decoys to give you a phenomenal hunt experience.




North Flight Waterfowl is staffed with some of the most talented goose callers in the Washington, and our guides have placed in the Top 3 at the state goose calling championships. All North Flight Waterfowl guides spend countless hours practicing their calls to pull in the geese to make every moment for you count. Remember to bring your calls for some pro tips and practice before your hunt.


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Private Land Hunting

North Flight Waterfowl leases thousands of acres of private land each year. We work with many of the local farmers and secure the best goose hunting land available. Our hunting areas stretch across five counties in Eastern Washington, and we work with select farmers to place field pits making it easy for you to drive right up to your hunting spot.




About half of our hunts are out of pit blinds and the other half are out of layout blinds. If you have a preference on what type of blind you want to hunt use ask us and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you prefer shooting from a standing position and want a more comfortable, social environment we recommend pit blinds. If you want to see the geese work, we recommend layout blinds.



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