Common Questions

Review this list of frequently asked questions for more information


What size shot do I need, and what size of shells?

Although some of the new non-toxic shells such as Bismith and Hevi-Shot have better ballistics. I recommend 3" BB's. The birds we shoot are close and can easily be brought down with 3" BB's.

Do I need waders?

No, you can bring them for extra warmth, but we are not hunting in flooded fields or ponds.

Do we have time for breakfast in the morning?

Not usually. Breakfast is on your own and we meet at our designated meeting site at 5 a.m.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are not allowed on our fields. Please leave your dog at home.

Will we be hunting out of blinds or pits?

If you have a preference please let us know. Otherwise about 70% of our hunts are from pits and 30% of our hunts are from layout blinds. We use layout blinds (Individual, full-enclosed) Each hunter lays in the blind on their back and pops-up to shoot.

Which time of the year is best for hunting?

Only God knows the answer to this question. We move around a lot and have access to over 100 fields in 5 counties. This allows us to move with the birds. The two conditions that affect us the most are fog all day, and an extended period of very cold weather. The best conditions are overcast and temperatures about 30 degrees, but to tell you the truth there are so many things that can affect a hunt that it is too hard to predict the "best" days.

Do you ever get skunked?

In the 2005-06 season I guided 47 days and never got skunked. Another guide had about 35 days with 2 skunks, and another had about 40 days with 2 skunks. Approximately 3% of the time we get skunked, and with hunting - nothing is guaranteed.

How often do you shoot limits?

I have never kept stats on how many geese we shoot, but on average our hunters take home about 3 geese apiece, and shoot limits about 60%-70% of the time.

Can I book a hunt if it is just me?

Yes, we will try to put you in with another group if we can. If not we will take you out by yourself.

What are the chances of shooting ducks?

About 5% of the time that we go out we get ducks. We focus in on the geese, but on occasion we will get ducks.

What time and where do we meet?

5 a.m. at the SP Gas & Grocery, unless I tell you otherwise. Click here for directions.

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