1. Cut good breast into 1" cubes
  2. Wrap cube with slice of red pepper, than bacon, than put a toothpick through the wrap
  3. Marinate in Italian dressing overnight
  4. Put on BBQ at medium heat
  5. Brush poppers with water to keep bacon from burning

Warning- Do not do this on a nice BBQ (makes mess on BBQ)

  1. Cut goose breasts into 1" cubes
  2. Fry in vegetable oil at medium heat
  3. Dry off with paper towels after cooking
  4. Dip in sauce with 30% horseradish and 70% ketchup
  1. There are many different things you can use for the broth, chicken soup, baked beans, BBQ sauce, chili. The only thing is that don't add too much broth. The pot should be very think, not watery when you start.
  2. Add slices of goose, and goose legs
  3. Cook for about 6 hours
  4. This can make a great dip for chips, sloppy goes, or a soup
  1. Cut goose into small cubes
  2. Wrap with assorted veggies. such as onions, peppers, jalapenoes
  3. Put on stick
  4. Cook at medium heat
  5. You can also marinate in Italian dressing

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Note- Goose is very low in fat giving it a great taste, and is better for you than most other meats, however the low fat content can cause the goose to dry out quickly when cooked. For this reason we recommend either cooking geese with a lot of moisture added in the cooking process, or cook geese quickly. We are not big fans of plucking geese either. We feel that the fat in the goose gives the geese a gamier taste to them, is harder to cook, and the fat is not enough to keep the goose moist in the cooking process.